Alanya Historical Places

  • Alanya Castle

    Alanya Castle is one of the symbols of Alanya, the district of Antalya. It is located on a peninsula rising approximately 250 meters from the sea. The total length of its walls is 6.5 kilometers. The castle was built in the Hellenistic period in the settlement of Alanya, which was called Kandeleri in the old times.

  • Red Tower

    The world-famous tourism center district of Antalya Province is one of the historical symbols of Alanya. It was built by the Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubat I in the 13th century. Its architect is the builder Abu Ali Reha el Kettani from Aleppo. The Kızılkule port, which was built with an octagonal plan, was built to protect the shipyard and Alanya Castle against attacks from the sea. In one of the inscriptions on its outer surface, "Thanks to Allah" and in another inscription it was written in the name of Alaaddin Keykubat and it was stated that the construction date was April 1226. Limestone was used in the lower parts of the 33-meter-high Kızılkule, and red brick was used in the upper parts. The red of these bricks gave the tower its name. With its striking interior, Kızılkule has five floors: ground floor, first floor, mezzanine, open floor and open terrace.

  • Alanya Archeology Museum

    Alanya Archeology Museum is located in the center of Alanya. It is close to Damlataş Cave and is very easy to reach. It has been renovated in recent years. It is a very nice museum with its garden arrangement and hall arrangements. The richness of the exhibited works is another reason to visit. If you travel to Alanya, you should definitely visit it.
    The garden of the museum is arranged as an open display; It is aimed to explain the Roman period necropolises with the ostotheques (bone-ash storage box) specific to the region. Ostoteks constitute an important part of the museum collection and it is possible to see original examples here.

  • Dim Stream

    Various picnic areas, restaurants and tea gardens serve tourism in the region starting from just below the Dim Dam built on Dim Stream and almost to the coast of Tosmur Town. Sitting on the platforms built on the cool waters of the tea in hot weather, eating and drinking tea creates a different environment. The distance of the Dim Dam to the center of Alanya is approximately 16 km. The main road on the beach is 9 km away. Rafting is done on the part of Dim Stream above the dam. There is a Dim Cave fork on the road leading to the dam. If you want to visit Dim Cave and watch the Dim Stream valley from a bird's eye view, you can use this road.

  • Dim Cave

    Dim Cave, which is 11 km away from the center of Alanya, is easy to reach. From Alanya, Dim Cave can be reached via Kestel Town, Dim Çay valley and Tosmur Town via asphalt roads. When you continue from the road opposite the entrance of Alanya Business Faculty, this road goes directly to the cave when you continue from the left at the fork. Dim Cave is 232 m above sea level and is located on the western slope of 1691 m high Cebel Reis Mountain. The small lake with its stalactites and stalagmites offers a wonderful visual feast to the visitors. There are 2 halls in the cave. The part on the right at the entrance is 50 m long, and the part on the left is approximately 350 m long. There is a constant cool air of 18-19ºC inside the cave. It is operated by a private company. The company has made beautiful arrangements inside and outside the cave, the environment is clean and well-maintained.

  • Syedra Ancient City

    It is located within the borders of Seki Village, 22 km from Alanya town centre. After the main road, a narrow asphalt road continues until about 1 km from the ancient city. You can park your car behind the old school. From here, the dirt road begins. However, it is possible to continue with an all-terrain vehicle (June 2016), it is necessary to climb more than 1 km from the dirt road. At this date, the works of arranging walking paths and cleaning the scrub area in the ancient city continue. Alanya District Governorship supports all kinds of work to put this area into the service of tourism. On the dirt road, it can become a place where normal vehicles can get out over time. Those who want to see the Ancient City of Syedra should be ready for a hard walk. Do not forget to take water with you when climbing the city. The view from the ancient city is worth seeing.

  • Alara Stream

    Alara Stream is a stream originating from Akdağ and Kuşak mountains at an altitude of 2,647 in the Central Taurus Mountains, passing through greenery about 62 km long and pouring into the Mediterranean. Its current name is Ulugüney Stream. It can be reached from the Okurcalar town of Alanya.

  • Alanya Observation Terrace

    The viewing terrace parking area organized by Alanya Municipality is at an altitude of 650 meters from the sea. Transportation is comfortable and easy by asphalt road. It is a beautiful park, picnic and resting area where you can watch Alanya from a bird's eye view from a very wide angle.

  • Sapadere Canyon

    Sapadere Canyon in Alanya is 45.1 km from the city center and the journey takes about 59 minutes. Sapadere Canyon road has as impressive and beautiful views as the canyon itself. Access to Sapadere Canyon is provided by private tours and private vehicles. There are no scheduled flights. Demirtaş town is 15 km away from the canyon and provides transportation to the canyon. At the entrance of the 750-meter-long canyon, there is an area where you can easily park your car, artificial ponds, a single restaurant, picnic area and souvenir shop. There is an entrance fee.

  • Shipyard Beach

    It is a beach located in a small area in front of the walls between Kızılkule and Shipyard in Alanya. The beach is accessed from the area in front of Kızılkule, through a historical gate and descending the stairs. It is a pebble beach. The harmony of colors in the sea looks more beautiful when viewed from the terrace of Kızılkule. It is debatable whether the name of this beach is correct or not. But the beach is real and used. You can swim in history at this beach after visiting Kızılkule, Shipyard and Tophane, or when you visit Alanya Castle and Ehmedek above and go down. You can also benefit from the cafeterias located in the orange groves behind the walls, right on the beach. This beach is one of the favorite swimming areas of boat tours.

  • Alanya Boat Tour

    Boat tours are organized regularly in Alanya during the tourism season. Alanya boat tours start in April and continue until the end of October. Alanya boat tours are one of the most popular excursions in Alanya. Boat tours are made with special boats (Pirate) built and decorated for this purpose. Alanya Yacht Tours are among the must-do things for those who want to swim in the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean, cool off and have fun with animation shows.

  • Alanya Rafting

    Our rafting tour in Alanya is a popular tour preferred by our guests who love excitement, adrenaline and fun! Rafting is a nature sport that people of all ages without health problems can easily do. We organize our rafting tours on the world-famous 'Köprüçay', one of the most suitable rivers for rafting in Turkey, which is equipped with wonderful beauties in the Köprülü canyon national park area of ​​Antalya's Beşkonak town. Our rafting track is approximately 14 km. It is carried out in boats for 2-6-8-10 people accompanied by professional guides. The water temperature is 12 degrees, its width is 12 meters, and its depth varies between 1-3 meters.

  • Alanya Underwater Diving

    In our Alanya diving tour, we offer you a wonderful underwater experience, accompanied by professional instructors, where you will discover the underwater beauties of the Mediterranean. After our guests are picked up from their hotels, they are informed about diving by our expert dive instructors on our boat designed for diving. We perform at pre-determined dive points around